Picture of Nametags


Using our data upload editor, you have the ability to upload a CSV list of names that will sync with our template and create your entire order. 

Try it on this nametag product! Upload a CSV with headings "First Name", "Last Name" and "Job Title" in the editor and simply map the fields to your list - even if you don't name the headings the same, you will still be able to map to the correct field in the editor. 

This same concept can be used on any of your products that Voom Express hosts for you. Do no hesitate to ask, we are happy to help!

Download the CSV Template

Your name tags will be printed on .040 PETG with a flood white background to ensure all of your graphics will be seen. Since these nametags are printed second surface (meaning the ink will be printed from the backside) the image will be protected. 

These badges also come completed with a magnetic clip for your users so they are out of the box ready to go!